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Hostels in Chengdu 成都最棒的国际青年旅舍

Best atmosphere, best location, best value hostels in Chengdu!

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Mix's Recommendation!

你以为你到过了马来西亚?到沙捞越来看看!You thought you have been to Malaysia? Come to experience Sarawak of Malaysian Borneo!

mix's Recommendation!

只为旅行者开放的在呼和浩特的民宿!The Mongolian hospitality! The home stay managed by Mongolian family!


Wenchuan Earthquake 汶川大地震
Animals Asia Foundation 亚洲动物基金 黑熊保护基地

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Matt Borengasser-Figurative Work | Ton & Isabelle's Travel Journal and Stories


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See Chengdu Lazy Bones Backpackers Boutique Hostel in the Chengdu Hostels list at

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Chengdu Mix Hostel / Chengdu Lazybones Hostel / Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel are the cheapest hostel,
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economy inn for backpackers. 24-hour booking.

Chengdu Mix Hostel Backpacker, Chengdu lazybones Hostel and Chengdu Flipflop lounge Hostel are both listed
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top rated hostel in Chengdu.